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Great Danes

When I am not designing and installing furniture, I am spending time with my family and our Great Danes. What I know about them in short, is the following:

1. Self Grooming, Connie tried to come into the house muddy and was like "No Way!". I left her outside until I came back home for lunch and realized she was spotlessly clean. They give themselves baths like cats.

2. A year and a half of puppy mayhem, then smooth sailing. The puppy years are something I am unlikely to forget, but in a grand, yet tiring way. Later, the dogs want to be the best they can be, they want to work, do stuff, engage in activities, although sometimes they are like Step Brothers stacking regular beds to make bunk beds.

3. Teething, yes, gnawing, yes, mouthing, yes, but unless I was trying to take food directly from their mouths, I have not experienced any bites, just quick and load warnings. I use my foot to work whatever they have away from them. They love to un-stuff squeaky toys within minutes and chew on the squeaker.

4. They love attention, they lean on you, they put their head on your lap. Ours watch out for little ones and step lightly around them, Although their tales can clear off a coffee table when someone new enters the room, but they soon settle in and start negotiating for space on the sofa. Dorothy, a pogo stick of a dog, loves to find the tiniest spot on the sofa and squeeze in there.

5. Walking them, They love to greet people on a walk in the city, but she barks at some other dogs at times and sometimes at people too, but a squirt bottle straightens them right up.

6. We always meet people on walks that talk about their life span. It is known to be short with Danes, however, there are some food manufacturer's who offer a good formula of nutrition and vitamins which help prolong their lives. Connie is 7 and is getting heavy from getting good girl snacks. Healthy but heavy.

7. Our Dogs, like I am sure your dogs have enhanced our lives, and those who know them. They are trouble and work and fun and love all in one.

8. Thank you for reading this and being a part of our lives.

Connie and Dorothy

Dog Bones, Ribs, Bacon...

Connie and Dorothy First Day Home

We Once had a cat who would rum Connie's Back, this one, does not.
Mr.s Beasly

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